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DVD player/recorder - NTSC/Region 0 DVDs help

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spaced | 11:13 Thu 10th Aug 2006 | Technology
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I have a JVC DRM 150S ( tid=18&lid=). It is a DVD recored/player and freeview box. Excellent machine, very happy with it. It does not mention anything in the manual about NTSC playback, so I emailed JVC who inturn told me that the machine will play Region 0 NTSC DVD's automatically (didnt need to fiddle about with settings).

I inserted a DVD I have from China which is region 0. Quality is crystal clear the only thing is that it jitters. The only way to explain what I mean is that the films runs but not really smooth like a PAL or region 2 dvd. I placed this dvd in my phillips dvd player and it did the same. But my phillips DVD player allows me to choose PAL or NTSC, when I choose NTSC it runs perfectlly. Even plays perfectly in my Playstation 2.

Just seems strange that the JVC can play the region 0 dvd's but they are not smooth.

Can anyone help? Is there anyway I can fix this?



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not sure. maybe you're tv. I think NTSC are 60Hz, while pal are 50Hz. phillips and ps2 may automatically compensate, whereas JVC still outputs at 60Hz. Just an idea, new TVs shouldn't have a problem with either really.
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no its not the tv, because when I was using the phillips on the same tv it worked fine.

The film is still watcheable with the JVC just slightly flickery (sp)

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DVD player/recorder - NTSC/Region 0 DVDs help

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