what is IWEDO?

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mkt | 19:03 Fri 23rd Jun 2006 | Technology
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Hi can anyone give me any info about Iwedo? I think it has something to do with anti virus programmes or it beneficial to use or should it be avoided at all costs?
Grateful for any advice.


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If you are asking about Ewido (not Iwedo), yes it is beneficial and genuine. I use it and it has picked up the occasional bit of scumware that Spybot and Ad-Aware have missed. It recently merged with GriSoft (the anti-virus company). If you want to try it (I would) download the trial version, it will revert to the free version after the trial period. Details and download from

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thanks for that. im sure it must be the company you mention......a friend told me about it and i guessed at the spelling to be honest!
Im just always a little wary with these things as its so hard to tell which is genuine and which actually adds things to you hard drive it y'know what i mean.
thanks for your info

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what is IWEDO?

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