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Norton Antivirus 2002 and AVG

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theprof | 00:17 Tue 04th Apr 2006 | Technology
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I currently have Norton SystemWorks 2002 installed on one of the computers at home running XP Pro. The NAV subscription is running out in the next few days and I intend to replace NAV 2002 with AVG - Symantec no longer provide further subscriptions for NAV 2002 anyway.

I don't want to uninstall SystemWorks completely as I find the other utilities in the package very useful.

Is it possible to delete or disable just the NAV part of SystemWorks 2002 as its not listed as a separate entity in "Add/Remove Programs" ? How do I prevent any potential conflict between NAV and AVG if I can't delete NAV? I also want to try to avoid being plagued by nag screens telling me my NAV is out of date. Can this be done?


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I find your comment about Symantec no longer providing subscriptions for NAV inexplicable - I run NAV 2002 and update the definitions every two weeks. There is another thread about Norton antiVirus on here which you may find helpful. Regarding AVG - well I believe if you want quality be prepared to pay for it - AVG is free. If there is no option to uninstall individual components of Norton System Works, either via the ad/remove programs facility or the "Start" "All Programs" menu then it is possible that you may have to uninstall the complete Norton System Works and re-install only the components you want. Note: If you insert the Norton install CD and let it auto start, this MAY give you the option of uninstalling the components you don't want.
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Thanks oldbob.

I have no problems updating the NAV definitions online and they will be available until my present NAV subscription expires on 7 April 2006. What I meant was that I cannot take out a further AV subscription to NAV 2002 as Symantec no longer provides AV subscriptions for this version - in effect, I cannot renew it. The only option shown on the Symantec website is to update to NAV 2006 via an online update. No doubt you will not come across this yourself until your present subscription expires.

I would normally agree with what you say about the need to pay for quality. The trouble with this is that there are loads of postings on AB and other forums from NAV users who have migrated to AVG and have said how much better it is at both detection and removal of viruses. AVG has obviously got something going for it. To make matters worse, I'm surrounded by many highly qualified computer technicians here at university who have said they use AVG at home in preference to NAV or McAfee and it has never let them down. Personally, I can only keep an open mind as I've not used AVG previously.

I think you're on the rigt track with your suggestion of uninstalling and custom reinstalling SystemWorks. I'll give it a try when I get home.

Thanks again.

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Norton Antivirus 2002 and AVG

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