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wirraldene | 00:30 Fri 31st Mar 2006 | Technology
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I have a Brother MFC Printer 3420 which has started changing black colours to green when printing. Copying is similar. Printer only 2yrs and only light domestic use. Have uninstalled and installed twice, cleaned many times, replaced Brother blk with new Brother blk ink and discussed same with Brother. Carried out all their tests but no good. Changed properties to default in printer set up in Windows XP. Cannot default printer. Test print shows black which is the peculiar thing. Any ideas would be very welcome.


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Some printers, when printing a photo or a document containing many colours, will not use the black cartridge to print black, it will mix all the colours together which approximates a black-ish colour. Which is why your test print works fine, as that WILL use the black cartridge.

So, if you're looking to blame a cartridge, look at the colour one rather than the black one. It may be that one of the colours is being blocked so you get a muddy green colour instead of black. Try changing the colour cartridge first, and if that doesn't work you may need to look to the print head as the problem.

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Just tried your suggestion - I certainly was not aware of how print was put together. Changed all colours and cleaned but still same. If it is head and/ or requires engineer, it is hardly worth repairing cost wise. Many thanks for your help.

Sorry that changing the colour cartridges didn't solve your problem... it makes more sense with the type of cartridges used in that printer, however, that if there were a blockage it would be in the print head itself.

As you say though, it might not be cost effective to replace the head at this stage. I've looked at various reviews of this printer and, to put it delicately, none of them were too good! Many problems reported after less than a year of ownership. It might be best to cut your losses and invest in a new one.

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I had only one other problem and that was outside warranty - where they replaced the head at their expense. There may be an inbuilt problem. This convinces me to buy new. Thanks for guidance.

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