Email account has been nicked!!!

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Why?? | 12:30 Tue 14th Mar 2006 | Technology
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My hubbie's email account has been pinched by someone. There has been a couple of 'odd' emails, one sent to people in his address book asking for money to be sent to save orphans via E gold(?) and the other a reply from a company who has recieved an enquiry supposedly from my Hubbie about the cost of shipping on some items to Singapore. It is very worrying, he has cancelled all his credit cards incase someone has his details. Now they have changed his password too so he can't even get into his email. We have reported it to MSN, who have replied asking for various personal details so they can rectify it. But how do we know the reply is genuine before giving out such information? Has this happened to anyone else? Why do people do it? and finally is there anything else we should do? Thanks.


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can't he log in to the same account putting he has forgotten his password? then answerm the security questions to change it. simple
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Thanks, it never occured to me to try that, I will do it in a minute, fingers crossed!

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Email account has been nicked!!!

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