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Matsui DVD player and Region 1 DVDs

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keri_r | 20:26 Mon 06th Mar 2006 | Technology
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Today I bought the Matsui DVD/CD player (DVD227). The man in the shop told me that it was a multi-region DVD player (this is what I've been looking for). However, after reading the instruction book I'm not so sure it will do what I want it to. It says that the machine is capable of playing both PAL and NTSC discs as long as the disc size is 12cm, but underneath that it says:

This DVD player is designed and manufactures to respond to the Region Management Information that is recorded on a DVD disc. If the region number described on the DVD disc does not correspond to the region number of this DVD player, this DVD player cannot play that disc. This region of this DVD player is 2.

I bought the machine assuming that I would be able to play region 1 DVDs on it, but now I'm just confused! Does anyone know if this would be possible? (sorry this was so long!) x



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You bought it directly from Dixons or Curry's yes?

In the manual it should say

"Matsui DVD227 (469367) Multiregion code.
Switch on the unit and press the ''SETUP'' button on the remote control once, the DVD menu will appear on screen.
Using the remote enter pin ''1389'', the regional setting will appear at the bottom of the screen. Use the arrows key until ''0'' is displayed on the screen.
Press ''setup'' to escape from the menu. The unit is now Multiregion."

this is what it says on the currys website

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Yup I bought it from Dixons - thank you so much :) x
here to help :)

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Matsui DVD player and Region 1 DVDs

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