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Installing broadband on second computer

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theprof | 14:56 Sun 05th Feb 2006 | Technology
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I'm having problems installing Tiscali broadband on a second desktop PC in another room.
I've bought a Belkin wireless modem/router with usb key that I've not taken out of the box yet as I was told by the salesman in PC world that I needed to install the Broadband software on to the second computer first. The problem is that the installation goes ok on the second PC until it reaches a page that says "connect the other end of the usb cable to the PC/laptop then wait for the next screen to appear (this may take up to 30 seconds)". The installation freezes at this point.
I have to press "escape" to get off the screen but the desktop does show the Tiscali icons as they are on the first PC.
The Tiscali supplied modem has been left connected to the first PC throughout these attempts to install the software on the second PC.
Am I following the right sequence to get the second PC up and running? Do I need to install the router/modem and software first and if so, does it matter if the software/hardware goes into to the first or second PC first?

Many Thanks


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You definately need to connect your broadband modem to the second PC whilst you are trying to install the broadband software.

I did exactly the same as you about two weeks ago, also using Tiscali. I connected the modem to 2nd PC and set up the broadband. Once It was working ok, I removed the modem and set up the router to the 1st PC using the ethernet cable, once this was working I used the dongle that came with the router and remloved the cable. My 2nd PC was a laptop that was already wireless enables so this then picked up the interent connection automatically.

P.S - I don't know if what I've said above is either the correct way or the best way but it worked for me.

the tiscali software will be for installing the USB modem thats connected to the first PC. you dont need to install it on the second PC cos you wont be using that modem if you're gonna be using the router. you need to get the router out of the box, set it up on one machine first then add the second computer. there should be instructions on how to do this with the wireless router. if you cant do this yourself you may need to get some outside help. and just ignore whatever they said to you in PCWorld, most of them dont have a clue what they're talking about!!!!

Question Author
I've taken the Belkin F5D7633-4A Router/Modem and F5D7050 dongle out of the box and connected them up to the second PC.
Although I've got an flashing wireless connection icon on the second PC, I can't get the modem to connect to the internet. I've tried taking the Tiscali supplied modem off the first PC and connecting it to the second PC. The red power light on the modem flashes constantly and the green ADSL light is out. On the Quicklaunch area of the taskbar, the second PC shows that the tiscali modem is not connected preventing me going any further with it. This seems to prevent me using CheekyChops suggestion.
I've got to add that neither of the computers has a network card installed even though the box of this starter kit states that a network interface card must be installed on one of the computers. Before you ask, the reason I bought the kit was that the PC World man said that he had used the same kit to connect two of his home computers together when neither of them had cards installed. At the time, this seemed good enough for me. Because of this, the supplied ethernet cable is useless and again, I can't use CheekyChops advice.
I'm not certain now if I need the Tiscali software in the second PC looking at your suggestions. Would I be better off getting a network card for the second PC? Am I missing something here about how the PCWorld "expert" could have installed the router/modem without at least one network card? Does it matter that the modem/router is connected to the filter and BT master socket via a standard telephone extension cable?

Many thanks for your help

I think the PC World salesman was referring to the USB Key/Adaptor software when he advised you to set up the second PC first as you do not have LAN support on either PC though I find it hard to believe that a modern PC does not have LAN incorporated on the motherboard.If this were the case though it would not matter which you set up first but if you do not fit a PCI LAN card to the first PC you will need another USB Key for the other PC.

As the Belkin is a modem/router you will not need the Tiscali modem as the Belkin will replace this but to set the Belkin up, you will need to gain access to it via one of the PCs to bring up the login page of the modem.

If your first PC definitely does not have a LAN interface then fit a LAN PCI card to it (they only cost a fiver and easily slot into a spare PCI) as this will be cheaper and easier than a second USB Key to set up.

You can then use the ethernet cable to connect to the Belkin and set it up with the Tiscali connection settings.

When you have done this successfully, then set up the wireless connection for the second PC.

Question Author
I phoned PC World technical support earlier today and they told me that it was not possible to connect as advised by the PC World instore "expert". They said a network card in the first PC along with an ethernet cable was the only option as stated on the box.. Ran through the cards they had on sale with them and I went out to buy a Belkin PCI interface card for �19.99.

When I returned home, I installed the networking card. I then connected the router/modem ethernet cable to the card and router/modem and powered up the router/modem. Spent the next six hours trying to figure out why IE/Firefox could not connect to Tiscali even though all settings in the set-up screens were as stated on the Tiscali website. Eventually. I had no option but to do a "factory reset" on the modem/router . Folowing this, everything worked like a dream and the connection was up and running. The second PC was immediately connected to the internet once I plugged in the dongle.What a nightmare!

Many thanks to you all. Daisy13 was dead right when she said that there was no need to install the Tiscali stuff on the second PC!

Thank you all again.

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Installing broadband on second computer

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