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Impossible To Connect To Virgin Email All Day Today

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Clementino | 18:14 Sat 18th May 2024 | Technology
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Just going round in circles.

I was given a very strong computer-generated password and even that doesn't connect.

Is anyone else having problems today.

I will be cancelling my account on Monday as this is the third time with this problem



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No, all good for me, I've just logged in to it.  (I usually access it via GMail)

Question Author

Just me then . Ihave the virgin mail app but that is refusing to open .


You've not told us how you're trying to get into your Virgin email account. 

Are you using a web browser?  (If so, try clearing its cache and cookies). 

Or are you using a dedicated email app? (If so, delete the account and then create it again.  You won't lose any mail). account and 

^^^ Crossed posts!

Uninstall, and then reinstall, the app (or try accessing your ccount via a web browser).

Question Author

I always use the app which isn't opening.I have now  removed it.

Then I tried entering the virgin email website on google. No success there. I have tried on laptop and on ipad. My technology know-how is usually good.

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I will have a go at reinstalling the app. There is only one of my contacts remaining on my virgin email  I have switched all the rest of my contacts to another mail provider

How far do you get when using this link?

Like Barry I also access my virgin email via Gmail and haven't  got a problem  either. Why not try  the same. My old Blueyonder email works perfectly  well too. 

Question Author

Buenchico.  I get as far as entering my address then it refuses to move . I tried clicking on "forgotten password" I was instructed to enter a new password. then nothing happens.

I will shut down for today as I am exhausted.

Question Author

This is the message I get 

"Oops, we've ran into a problem. 
Wait a minute and try again. If this doesn't work, please come back later. (Code: API03)"



I'm not giving up my blueyonder address

Barry, I bet there's  not many of us have a Blueyonder address.  Practically  antique 🤣

I prefer vintage 

Vintage does sound more refined doesn't  it.

Question Author

Thanks to you all, I have finally fixed the problem. I don't know how, but I was suddenly able to connect.  Very grateful to you

There has been problems with the email system in my area.  A few times lately VM emails have been unavailable for hours.  I don't use the app.

I don't know if this was only in the PH1 and PH2 areas or if was nationally.


I'm a Blueyonder girl!

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Impossible To Connect To Virgin Email All Day Today

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