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Putting Mcafee On New Laptop.

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carolegif | 15:02 Thu 07th Mar 2024 | Technology
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I bought a new laptop from Curry's.  They said I would need a McAfee card to download. Cost£79.  When I took the laptop home, it said I already had 30 days cover which could be renewed.  I tried several times to put the code in from the card, as I had paid for it.  Was told it had downloaded successfully.

After the 30 days, I was told my membership had expired.  I was worried that the card had not worked.  Then this week I was offered a half price offer from McAfee to resume my free 30 days for a year.  I decided to pay it and get my money back from the card.  
I received the receipt from McAfee saying I had paid in my GMail account.  However, when I try to download it, it says my 30 days has expired!  I tried again and they said they would send a passcode to my email.  Nothing!   Now I have a message from them saying I have not downloaded the renewal!  When I put my email number in to download it, I get a message saying they don't recognise my gmail address!  Yet they sent the receipt to it!  I don't seem to be able to call anyone and I am going round in circles getting very stressed.  Please can anyone help?



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Hope you are sorted, Carole

Question Author

Now sorted, thank you guys and gals.  Took laptop back to Curry,s.  They used the one that was on the machine in the first place!  Couldn't get a refund on the card as I had scratched off the code ( that didn't work!).  Hey Ho!  At least I now have cover.

I'm glad you're sorted but sorry you didn't get your refund.  

Thanks for letting us know, it is much appreciated.

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Putting Mcafee On New Laptop.

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