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Hotmail..whats Happened?

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kloofnek | 11:57 Tue 27th Feb 2024 | Technology
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In the last couple of days my Hotmail on my Windows 7 PC is not receiving emails,this has happened since I got a new Samsung tablet (it is going back!) Might be coincidence. 

So can any tech minded  person help.Please

Thank you







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Sorry sent twice, thought it had not gone so added the bit on the end.:)

What do you use to open "Hotmail" on yor PC?

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Disaster...can't forward emails from my Virgin email to Hotmail.I could before. I tearing my hair out!i went the

link you sent: https://www. but didn't do anything,and as i say cannot forward to Hotmail.What to do?:)


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Hi Itch..with Chrome:)

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Sorry Ich.

When you say "didn't do anything" do you mean you didn't do anything or that after doing the install nothing happened? If you did the install you will need to look if it is on your system and make sure that it is the outlook variant that you are trying to open. The tab that you have saved or pinned to the task bar or toolbar is not likely to be the outlook/hotmail that you are after. After pinning it and opening it you can get rid of the old pinned icon. 

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No.opened the link but did not download anything,don't want to mess it up further.Am going to get someone I know to look at the software. He said to wait a few days to see if it rights itself.Had some people in my area complaining to having problems with there Yahoo emails.Must be catching!!:)

"Hi Itch..with Chrome:)"

The reason I asked was I wondered if you were using some sort of desktop app. However it seems like you are using the web (which is how hotmail was originally supposed to be used, back in the days when web-based email was a rarity). Although it has long ceased to be called "hotmail" it's transitioned fairly seamlessly since to outlook. I still have a "hotmail" address which I can still access fine on the odd occasion.

So it is odd that is should have stopped working just because you now access it via a new tablet. The obvious question then would be how do you access it from there.

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Hotmail..whats Happened?

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