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Problem With Bt Mail.(Now Solved)

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NoseyNose | 17:09 Fri 16th Feb 2024 | Technology
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My BT Mail was fine until about an hour ago.Then when trying to get into it,I had a message from Google,saying"This site is not Private"!

I managed to get a VERY helpful person at BT(Georgia) who took me through everything,and managed to solve the problem.

She found that the Shortcut that I had BT Mail on(small icon at top of my screen) was so old that Google would not allow it?

She advised me to go the Google main page,enter BT and proceed from there,with a new shortcut,which worked(so far).

As I say the problem is (hopefully) now solved.Has anyone any views/advice/experience of this.I thought I would post it to help others with the problem.

Thank You~Gordon.



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Problem With Bt Mail.(Now Solved)

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