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What Is It With Cloud Storage That They Keep Randomly Putting Stuff In The Trash Bin??

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joko | 15:55 Wed 14th Feb 2024 | Technology
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I mean why is this even a thing?
Why is there even a function that does that?
Why is it seemingly a default setting?
I had to get rid of dropbox & onedrive because they both kept doing it, no matter what i set it to do, & now googledrive is doing it!
I have about 10gb of free space so its got no reason to want to permanently delete my stuff.
The whole point of cloud storage is so that no matter what happens in your life, your docs etc are safely stored somewhere.
Now ive got to get it all out again, & for some reason its taken stuff out of folders so its all jumbled together.
I know i didnt delete it myself, as im very careful not to now.
Is there some setting that i havent found yet or something?

I figure its to make you worry & decide to cough up for the paid version.

& does anyone know a free one that doesnt touch your stuff in any way?
thanks :)



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Dunno about your situation but cloud seems to me like the 21st century version of hoarding.

A friend has so much stuff on cloud that he's about to run out of room & they want substantial extra fees to upgrade.

It's mostly videos & photos that he will never look at again.

I use OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Docs, all free, and I don't have that problem.

I have no idea why you do, sorry

Hello there,

I haven't read all of this link, but there may be something here to help you?

A Windows feature that you may not be aware of is called Storage Sense. It is accessed within Settings/System/Storage. Designed to automatically free up space, it can automatically manage locally available cloud content.

Since antivirus software works in the background, it is sometimes forgotten about. At times certain of my Dropbox files have been deleted due to them being quarantined by my antivirus. This never happens with my Google Drive files as I do not keep them synced on my PC.

It must be a setting somewhere because thankfully I've never had anything sent to the bin in Dropbox or One Drive. 

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What Is It With Cloud Storage That They Keep Randomly Putting Stuff In The Trash Bin??

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