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Missing Channels On Tv

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Giggsie | 15:18 Fri 09th Feb 2024 | Technology
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We have freesat tv movie channels were 300 - 306 but now only 300 301 then jumps to 306 ....302 303 304 305 have disappeared. Anyone here use freesat check this please.  



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Do you have to retune it like you have to if you have Freeview?

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Not sure barsel need to find that out. There's 2 tuners free view or freesat ours set for freesat. No idea how to retune tho. 

The best person to help you with this is probably 

Buenchico (Chris) Watch out for him a bit later in the day.


I have freesat but never bother with any of the 300plus channels. I have just tried the channels  you have given   302,303,304,305, and I am being told they are all invalid channel numbers. Just checked on computer and apparently nine channels on freesat have been taken away this week -no reason given yet. 


the weather has not helped, so you can retune, here's a trick, take the aerial plug out, then retune, you get 0, then reboot, put aerial plug back in, the magic.

Scorpiojo has provided the answer.  The relevant chnnels have been withdrawn from the Freesat line-up.

Freesat is rather odd though, in that it only shows a subset of all the 'free-to-air' channels which are transmitted from the Astra satellites at 28.2°E. (All you get, in return for not being able to receive all of the FTA channels, is Freesat's Electronic Program Guide).  A generic satellite receiver (i.e. one that doesn't carry the 'Freesat' branding) can still receive the channels which are no longer available via Freesat.

However it's possible to add 'non-Freesat' channels onto a Freesat TV (or set-top box) by using the 'manual tuning' option. If you need instructions, please provide the exact make and model number of your Freesat TV (from the back of the set).

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Thanks for all answers shame they have withdrawn theses channels wonder what others are missing..thanks buenchico not confident to try tune it manual knowing me would end up with no tv  


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Ah thanks just noticed the nine that's gone. 

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Missing Channels On Tv

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