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Cant Sign In On Laptop

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netibiza | 10:45 Sun 04th Feb 2024 | Technology
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Hello. I have a new Asus laptop and it's won't obey me! Trying to sign into AB on it bitnwo t accept my password. I cant keep changing it as I can't remember them all! Any ideas?



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Is there a forgotten password option?

That's not your laptop at fault - it's your memory.  As suggested use the forgotten password link and reset it.  

Think about using a password manager, I use BitWarden on all my devices but there are others to choose from.  

Or write all your passwords down in a notebook, a burglar is unlikely to steal it

here sorry can't help with the issue but I do sympathise with remembering passwords so have devised a system. 

Use the first three letters of the site add a number and then a memorable word.

Keep the number and word for all passwords only changing the first three letters

eg for your Amazon account your password would be AMA46picture

for a BBC account your password would be BBC46picture


What do you do when the site demands upper and lower case, a character, 12 letters or more?

Or you have more than one site with the same first three letters - Nextdoor and Next for example?

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And now when I type my user email when I get to the @ it kicks me off the page!

I keep all my passwords etc on a Libreoffice spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is in a hidden folder on a memory stick, and the spreadsheet document is password protected. I backup the document onto a similar folder on my PC.

Maydup; using a routine method to generate passwords means that it might be easier for someone to access lots of your passwords once they have cracked one.

I don't trust password managers, especially if they areaccessible on the cloud.

I think the most secure method would be to write them all down in a notebook (which you keep hidden), but I cna't be bothered.

Of course, you're recommended to change paswords frequently and to avoid using the same password for different things, and to use upper and lower and symbols - it's all too much..

One of my methods is to use the first letter of the first line of a song, and to alternate between upper and lower case and then to add 2 or 3 numbers or symbols at the end. I believe that length is a very effective way of making a pass difficult to crack. I once tried using a simple word like ***s, but it told me that my password was too short!

My method offers upper and lower case and 12 characters. If asked fir a symbol I add my preferred one on the end. 

I agree that if anyone cracked one password they might crack others but they are very unlikely to as they have no idea of the number or the word I use. 

I have a secondary number I use when asked to change the password. 

Any system that creates a reasonably complex password but is memorable has to be safer and easier to recall than keeping a record of them somewhere.

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Cant Sign In On Laptop

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