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Motorola Phone Missing Icons

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whurules | 17:35 Tue 30th Jan 2024 | Technology
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Could anyone help me please, I have turned on my Motorola phone and noticed lots of blank spaces. All the apps are there but my handmade ones from websites have all gone. It might be something to do with the app launcher which has just appeared.i would just put them back manually but I've got about 50 on my phone! I just hope they're in there somewhere, any help would be so appreciated, thank you



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I am not at all technically minded but something similar happened to my phone.

Is it possible to scroll sideways and see if the shortcuts appear on another page?  

If this doesn't help someone who knows what they are talking about might come along and help you.


Turn off, pause, turn on, report back. 🙂

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That was the first thing I tried but no luck, I've just started putting everything in by hand, I always take photos on my tablet of all my apps pages on my phone so that I don't forget what I had, so ploughing my way through now!! Thank you for answering

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Motorola Phone Missing Icons

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