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How To Find Bluetooth On My Pc?

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joko | 02:54 Thu 25th Jan 2024 | Technology
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I cant find bluetooth anywhere on my PC - but it has a bluetooth icon just above the keyboard.
Its not lit up like the ones beside it, but doesnt that mean that there is one installed, but its not working?

why would there be a light & icon if it wasnt installed?
I looked in device manager & action centre but it doesnt show up - unless its listed under some other word in Dev manager - its not under Radio - but i'd have thought it'd be the first word used & the actual hardware etc afterwards.
I havent opened my Laptop - I have done this before for many laptops, but never to look for bluetooth, so not sure what im looking for.
But i usually check out various youtube vids so if i can find it, see if its faulty or loose or something & replace it perhaps.

also if there isnt one installed, does this mean there is no place for it to be installed? obvs it doesnt need a port or anything, but does it need a particular place or other parts to connect it?

Its a Dell Precision M6800 on win 10

I have a little plug in dongle but it takes up a port so if theres one inside i want to try to switch it on or whatever.
thanks :)



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I'd have expected to see Bluetooth listed in Device Manager if it's present, both as class of device on its own and under Network Adapters. 

Here's how it looks on my laptop:

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How To Find Bluetooth On My Pc?

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