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1970'S Slides

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woodchopper | 21:56 Thu 04th Jan 2024 | Technology
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Another question on the photograph side of things - anyone recommend a scanner to convert old slides to digital?



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From a reputable source:

Don't expect to be able to digitise loads of slides very quickly though.  My own experience of film scanners is that, however good they (and their associate software) are, it's always necessary to tweak each image manually (either using the software that comes with them or something else, such as Photoshop or Gimp) in order to get the best results.

You could always send them away to be done professionally. 

I had a load of old slides that had been taken in the sixties, some not worth saving others that were quite good.  I happened to go into Lidl one day and saw they had a scanner that would change them and put them on my laptop.  It was only £30 so thought I would try it.  Worked really well and many photos I thought would end up in the bin have now been saved.  Some photos needed touching up after being uploaded to laptop but most were fine.  It was made by Silvercrest and I see a few for sale online.  Maybe worth a try.

This summer in a cool room I digitised all of my slide collection from 1968 to 1995. I bought an Onhar slide copier to fit to my camera in place of a lens. You placed a slide in it focus and photograph it. I did look at scanners.

Then I had a lightbulb moment. I have a camera, a macro lens a light box and a stand, so photograph them why not?.

I did just that, using a frame that took 4 slides of an old flat bed scanner But you could cut 2x2in apertures in card. It was then easy to snap 4 in succession.
I did 20 or 30 at a session and they were then just like camera images. I shoot RAW fuiles anyway so I batch processed them, colour balanced, de spotted and recropped etc very quickly and enjoyably. It took be way back in my mind. So much so I was back in the day after I had finished for the day. 
I am so happy with the results, better than the sides in fact.

I did 4500 in about two weeks, and then I digitised all  the old family print archives!

So I never used the copier which is up for sale on eBay.

Please, whatever you do, expect to do some work on your copies. They WILL be improved, mainly by colour balancing as the old dyes were untable and some films (not Kodachrome though)will have turned magenta. Adding green will restore them back to normal, and removingdust spots.

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1970'S Slides

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