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Unlock My Phone?

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Thisoldbird | 20:52 Wed 22nd Nov 2023 | Technology
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Hi, I've a fairly new Android phone. I set up a password to unlock it. I'm finding it a nuisance and would like to remove the lock. 


Can anyone advise me how to do this please. 


I do know my password.



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You should be able to remove it in your phones Settings, under  Security.


Question Author

Thank you so much Buenchico. 

Worked perfectly. 

I used to have android many years ago. Rather than leaving it unsecured many phones have a swipe code.  I used M joining dots on a grid. Can you set that on yours?

I have a nine-dot grid option and a fingerprint option on my 'phone.

Sometimes it offers only the latter option and it can take several attempts to get it to accept my print.

Question Author

I have a 9 dot grid on my Samsung  tablet. 

I'll look into something different when I get time..thanks for your input everyone 

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Unlock My Phone?

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