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Lenovo G700

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tony_mc | 08:01 Sat 08th Jul 2023 | Technology
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Had this machine for over 10
Years - battery has been replaced a few years ago - however the machine is sluggish - takes an age to boot up and when booted up takes ages to access the simplest of things like Google - Windows 10 - need a new one or is there a cheaper solution?


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Taking it back to factory settings might refresh it. You need to back up all your data first and be prepared to reinstall W10.
The two factors that primarily determine if a laptop’s performance is sufficient are the CPU and the amount of RAM. If a Lenovo G700 has at least an Intel Core i3 processor and 4GB of RAM, it can be tuned up and perform well. These values can be found By opening Settings and selecting System > About.
Insufficient RAM can be easily upgraded

If your Lenovo only has a Pentium processor you will be happier with a new laptop.
A budget suggestion

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Lenovo G700

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