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Cloverjo | 13:27 Sun 05th Feb 2023 | Technology
8 Answers
How can I start a programme from the beginning on ITVX when I've already watched half an hour of it?

Husband came into the room while I was part way through a show he wanted to watch. I tried to get it back to the start, but could only get a x2 rewind which severely tested his little patience.
Thank you. If you can help you might prevent WW3!


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A shameless bump
Is your second post a description of your husband?

Have a bump on me!
I've no idea of the answer, but would like to ask, are there many adverts. ITV Hub was overwhelmed with them, so I don't want to start something that will give me the hump.
no adverts if you pay a subscription
Clover, have you tried stopping the programme, exiting ITVX - then start all over again. When you click on the programme you want, hopefully you'll get the choice to continue watching or start from the beginning
i don't think you can do that on ITVx ...unlike BBC iplayer where you can do that....
Question Author
Thanks, all, for the replies.

Lol, wolf :)

Some breaks had ads, some didn’t.

Anyway, husband laboriously rewound while I was typing my OP and looking up possible solutions.

I will try Barry’s suggestion if I need it in future.

In general I find streaming a great big faff. The internet is not great here in the depths of Somerset, so there is lots of irritating buffering.
I just tried with an episode of a programme we had already watched and it started from the beginning.

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