New digital camera user question - can you copy from PC to SD card?

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Fubsy | 17:24 Mon 26th Dec 2005 | Technology
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We have just got our first digital camera, a Pentax Optio S40. It has a Kingston SD card installed. We've been transferring the photos to the PC and it's great to be able to view them on there.

But if I decide I want to print some of the photos by using the machine in my local Boots, is there a way to get the photos back from my PC onto the SD card? I've checked in the manual but no relevant info there that I can see.

I did have a play about earlier on by trying to copy some images to the E: drive (which was showing as E:Kingston) so I naively assumed this would copy them back to the SD card. So I further assumed that when I turned the camera back on and went into Playback mode that the images I'd copied would be there. But sadly not!

So if anyone could tell me how to go about copying images back to the SD card I'd be most grateful. Many thanks!


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Yes - trat the Sd card like another drive.

But check - the camera may keep photos in a folder on the SD card (the Casio I have does this) - make sure you copy photos back into same folder to view

I Use compact flash and keep a spare card to use when II want to have certain pics "developed" at Boots or Jessops.Usually after I have cropped and de-redeyed etc.

I just copy and paste from the hard drive to the Compact flash card as neccessary but the files I have put BACK onto the card NEVER show up on the camera display for technical reasons. If you can display them on the PC from the camera card then don't worry just because you cant see them on the back of the camera..they will be there to "print" at Boots.
I have an Olympus camera and the computer has Windows with SP2. I just plug the camera in and press PC in the camera window. I then go to My Pictures, select the relevant picture, right click, go down the menu to Send To and then from the drop down menu click Removable Disc (F:). As commoner excellently tells us you cannot see the transferred picture on the camera. So, to check, disconnect the camera and then reconnect, then go through the procedure as if you were going to upload pictures from the camera to the PC and you will see your picture(s). Then off to Boots !!!!


Digital pictures should be backed up to a CD or DVD before they are deleted from your camera.

If you copy your pictures to your PC, then the PC crashes or the hard disk crashes you could lose ALL your pictures.

This has happened to people and they have lost all their digital pictures, hundreds of them.

I do the following process:

1) Copy the pictures to the PC, but leave them on the camera as well.

2) Backup the pictures from the PC to a CD or DVD. I do it on two different CDs to be certain. If you have not got a CD or DVD writer get one.

3) Once I have verified the pictures are on CD or DVD then I delete them from the camera.

That way you should never lose your pictures.

and if your having trouble getting the pics back onto your sd card then boots can develop them from a cd or dvd anyway.

are you on aol? aol have an excellent photo printing service. you simply go into your pic library, click the ones you want developed, fill in your credit card details and the pics are through your letter box in 3 days.

jessops do good prints too, either in-store or on-line.

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New digital camera user question - can you copy from PC to SD card?

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