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Pda (Personal Digital Assistant) Review(S)?

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nickmajor890 | 00:47 Sat 22nd Oct 2022 | Technology
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What is your review on the PDA technological device from the 90's? Would you get one or an organizer instead of a phone?


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There is nothing that a 30-year-old PDA can do that a modern smartphone can't. PDA development and support ended years ago.

However, smartphones, with a combination of internet and Wi-Fi access as well as cellular communication capabilities and a virtual limitless range of apps will be around for a good while yet.
They were great in their time but they either used incredibly small (and therefore extremely fiddly) Qwerty keyboards with physical buttons or on-screen keyboards that needed a stylus (which was really easy to lose). Modern smartphones and tablets are a great deal easier to work with.

They also relied entirely upon input from a user, rather than being able to call upon web-based data sources.

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Pda (Personal Digital Assistant) Review(S)?

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