How Can I Get Rid Of A Never Ending Circle

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Stargazer | 01:44 Sun 26th Jun 2022 | Technology
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which is not bringing up the programme I want to watch?


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Web browser (if so, which one)?

Dedicated app?

Something else?
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On my laptop MacBook Air
Is it the spinning pizza of death (a rainbow coloured disc) ? That means your system has hung and you need to hard restart your machine by turning it off.

Or is it in a music or streaming software program and means your app cannot connect (usually a white timer revolving) ? Just quit the application software and try again.
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I am trying to watch a programme from, a tv programme and it is just a never ending revolving circle not rainbow coloured.
Assuming you are using a browser and not the 4 app, sign out of, quit Safari (or whatever browser you are using) then delete you browsing history.
Then open your browser, go to all4 and sign in again.

This assume your wifi and broadband are working properly.
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I just tried switching off and restarting my laptop which got rid of it and I could see the programme.
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How Can I Get Rid Of A Never Ending Circle

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