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Surround Sound Help

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The Cowboy | 21:50 Thu 15th Dec 2005 | Technology
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Hi Folks

Can anyone give a wee bit advice please?

In my bedroom I have a small surround sound system. You know the usual Centre, Left, Right. Rear Left, Right and Subwoofer. It was connected to my TV via the phono cables. That gave sound to my TV, Freeview Box, DVD Player and Video.
All went well until my TV packed in at the weekend.

I connected a 12" portable to the set up, but unfortunately the TV has no phono connection. And only one scart connection so I had to remove my DVD Player. I connected the phono leads to the freeview box and that gives me surround sound. My problem is this. When I turn the TV off I am still getting the sound through. When I tape from the freeview and turn the television to the normal channel I am still getting the sound from the freeview. I have to turn off my sound system and use the TV's normal sound.

How can I resolve this problem so that I am able to use the surround sound all the time? I cannot at the moments afford a new TV. Would a scart splitter box solve this with me connecting the phonos to the DVD or will that only give me surround when I use the DVD Player?

Your help as usual would be gratefully appreciated.



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The TV is designed to accept signals (sound and picture) from the other devices and deliver them to you. Each of the other devices is only designed to deliver its own signal. So if you connect the speakers to the DVD they will only deliver DVD sound, and similarly if you connect to the Freeview box, that's the only sound that will be delivered. The only way to achieve what you want is via a suitable TV.

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Surround Sound Help

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