Scrolling In Win Explorer Keeps 'Catching' & Scrolling Really Fast

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joko | 19:22 Mon 06th Dec 2021 | Technology
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when ever im scrolling through my photos or docs in windows explorer, sometimes, for no reason that i can see, the scrolling function sort of 'catches' & begins to scroll through at lightning speed - which is obviously useless.
If i move the cursor away from the scroll bar, it stops, but if i even just hover over the scroll bar for a second, it suddenly starts scrolling really fast again.

it seems to happen after ive clicked to scroll whole pages at once, so clicked on the bar itself, not the triangle

any ideas why this is & how to stop it?



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Are you using a wireless mouse joko? If so change the batteries. Also before further a exchange of ideas, try the mouse in a different usb. Check that the mouse wheel is not fat with residue( we all get it) and if you are gaming try unplugging the controller.
further a = a further. Sorry.
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thanks, no, its just the laptop touchpad. its a dell on win 10

im assuming its some sort of setting, but i dont know what or why it would be a chosen setting, its basically useless.

it has happened before on other laptops, but ive never found out why
I am sure that you can adjust the touchpad speed in Settings. The method is slightly different for every manufacturer but a start would be to have a look in there. Clicking the "start" icon and typing in touchpad should take you somewhere near and additional settings which are, as I said, different for all makes. You could also try hooking up a mouse and seeing if the problem is still there.
I thinka also that with no mouse plugged in, that the touchpad set up may be in "Mouse" in devices and that may give you an option to increase or decrease scroll performance. It may have altered after another one of the upgrades that now and again cause buggerups.
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thanks, ive messed about with the settings, havent tested it yet though, it doesnt always do it, so i assumed it must be something to be set - its such a useless pointless option though - there is no reason whatsoever anyone would want or need such a setting, its bizarre that it seems it must have been set that was by default.

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Scrolling In Win Explorer Keeps 'Catching' & Scrolling Really Fast

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