Can Anyone Help Me With Gimp?

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wolf63 | 23:58 Sat 04th Dec 2021 | Technology
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I am trying to do something on Gimp but I can’t work out exactly how to start.

I want to take two photographs and join them together – previously I have managed to do this with no problem by joining them on Word, print screen and then turn them into a Jpeg using a photoshop-type programme that my brother gave me. I have no idea what it was as the other laptop is dead.

I now have a new laptop and now have to work out how to achieve the same thing.
Can anyone give me a starting point so that I can do this simple task? The instructions have to be idiot-proof.

An Idiot.


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Gimp is a lovely program but your method of using Word is actually far simpler (although I'd use DTP software, rather than a word processor, myself).

For Gimp, see here:
and/or here:

To stick with your existing method, it's best to have the Windows Snipping Tool readily to hand on your taskbar. (It saves having to find it every time you need it). So go to Start > Windows Accessories. Right-click on Snipping Tool and select More > Pin To Taskbar.

Then use Word (or a DTP program, such as Scribus) to position your two images alongside each other, as before. Click on the Snipping Tool icon that's now on your taskbar and then on New. Use your mouse to draw a rectangle around the composite image. Click on File > Save As. Choose a location for your file, give it a name and (importantly) check that the file type is set to Jpeg (unless you've a reason to choose a different format). Click Save. Job done.
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I will need to read that in the morning when I am, hopefully, more alert than I am now. Thanks for your answer.

Methinks that I should go to bed.
Goodnight to you and the triplets.

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