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Beta Testing of Microsoft OneCare anyone doing it ?

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tellboy | 19:01 Fri 09th Dec 2005 | Technology
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Microsoft has launched Windows One Care Live Security beta, an anti-virus and anti-spyware service
The service offers anti-virus, firewall, backup and recovery, as well as personal computer maintenance. This is initially free, it will eventually be available for a subscription fee.

I think it is pretty good so far and free for testers

Any reports from others who have downloaded it ?



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I tried to download it but it is currently on beta test for U.S. residents only. I participated in a market research group last year where we were given a demonstration and overview and it did look quite impressive.
I cannot believe they are caling OneCares as this name sounds like a rude word that beging with W in the UK.
Hi vehelpfulguy like your answer very much. Will have to think of it that way in future and bearing in mind it is from Bill Gates it's very appropriate!
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GK2005. I am UK and downloaded it OK. Someone has since told me on the PC advisor forum that only an idiot or someone very brave joins in on "beta testing".

The only thing I can notice is that my sound volume control had disapeared from the taskbar and would not return using the method in the Windows Help File.

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Beta Testing of Microsoft OneCare anyone doing it ?

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