Firestick 4K - How So Set It Up To Use Separate Speakers?

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joko | 23:53 Sun 27th Jun 2021 | Technology
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ive just got a new firestick 4K and im trying to set it up so that the volume buttons work on the separate speakers - which are plugged into the headphone socket.

on my old firestick, it didnt have volume buttons, so i had to use the tv remote -
but - because it was not the TV speakers, i'd have to open the menu, scroll down to headphones & change the volume there.

this firestick supposedly will recognise a soundbar - but there is no option there to pick up speakers or headphones.

the tv is playing through the speakers as usual - but im still having to use the TV remote to change the volume.

my meds make my ears overly sensitive, so sometimes i'm changing the volume often in one tv show, so its quite irritating.

does anyone know how i can set up the fire remote to control the volume through the speakers/headphone jack?

speakers are logitech if that matters

thanks :)


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Have you paired the remote to the tv? Go to settings on your Firestick and select Remotes and other Bluetooth devices. Follow the instructions from there. Mine now evens turns the tv on and off. The tv is permanently set to external speakers in my case a soundbar, so the firestick remote does control the volume.
Hope this helps.
I'm curious have you managed to sort it?
Question Author
hi, thanks but no it will only work on the tv volume.
theres an option to switch to a soundbar, but none for speaker - i tried it anyway, but it didnt work - it wanted exact soundbar details
What a pity. I only had to select optical connection for external speaker on my tv and firestick volume worked perfectly.
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yes i'd have thought itd worked on the soundbar option as really they amount to the same thing, soundbars are just another type of speaker - but theres nothing there. i tried it & the other options & none worked.

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Firestick 4K - How So Set It Up To Use Separate Speakers?

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