Samsung Mobile Keeps Cutting Out

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smurfchops | 18:02 Fri 21st May 2021 | Technology
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Keep losing outgoing calls, video links, incoming calls, phone doesn’t ring out, etc. Very low network logo. Is this due to my area, my network, BT Router or my phone? Thanks all


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Tesco Mobile by the way.
Does it work properly when you are away from home?
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I mainly use it at home, I will check the network logo when I go out and report back! What is likely to be the problem do you think? My house is in a ‘dip’ apparently and we had trouble with the TV channels when we first moved in. Our transmitter has to be from Guildford instead of Crystal Palace. We are in Tolworth Surrey.
Have you always had problems with the phone signal at that house? Do other people have the same problem when they are at your home?

Open settings - status - Sim status.
You should see your signal strength in decibels - mine is minus 117. The closer the number is to zero the stronger your signal strength
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Thanks Barry it says….
Signal strength. -117 dBm 23 asu.
Is that good or bad? Sorry I am not technical at all.
Much the same as mine and my phone doesn't have any problems.
Try putting someone else's SIM card in and see if that makes a difference
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If I get a new SIM card at Tesco, would I lose all my Messages, Notes, WhatsApp, Google Photos etc or can they be transferred? Sorry to be a bit thick …. Thanks Barry
Do you save to phone or sim. If you save to phone you should be ok and if you have cloud storage of any sort
Question Author
How can l save to phone ?
The problem is clearly related to poor signal strength from your local O2 transmitter (which is the system that Tesco Mobile uses). Check here to see if there are any known problems in your area:

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Samsung Mobile Keeps Cutting Out

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