Paying For Games On Mobile

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Goofy | 15:38 Wed 12th May 2021 | Technology
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I've been playing one game a lot on y phone. Thinking about payingto remove ads.
It costs £4.99. Is this for a month? A year? As long as I have the phone?


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I can't imagine it doesn't tell you somewhere - £4.99 pm/pa. It's nothing to do with the phone, it's your account with the games company - do they have a website you can check on?
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I've looked and can't see that. Maybe I have to get a stage further and start giving payment details.
Any use telling us which game it is? That aside, say you get into the payment details & find it's per month - if that's too much, you'll surely be able to opt-out before the next payment is taken & will only have lost £4.99.
When you go to buy ad free it should tell you but I think it is a one time payment for no ads. Nothing to do with paying for phone usage
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I know it's nothing to do with the phone contract - probably the wrong category to post the query.
The game is Flow Free by Duck Games/Noodlecake games. Strangely addictive (to me anyway!).
I guess go for it, and cancel if it's monthly (not THAT addictive!).
Ask them on Twitter @BigDuckGames, Facebook by searching for Flow Free® or email them at [email protected]
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Thanks barry 1010. I should have thought of that!
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I've had a response to my e-mail, and it's a one time fee. Thanks all
Seems reasonable, then.

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Paying For Games On Mobile

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