Lotus Notes and JPEG

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maxi29 | 16:27 Tue 17th Sep 2002 | Technology
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I'm sending a JPEG out to a client; they're having difficulty reading it as they use Lotus Notes. We've not encountered this problem with any other email system. Is there anything we can do to ensure that they can read it, or is it a problem for them? We're loath to tell a client what to do


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I've come accross this before, It seems that if you send mail from Lotus to Lotus with an image of some sort or an animated signiture, it works fine but sending from lotus to exchange, outlook etc... it shows up as an attachment and it's the same the other way around, when you send from exchange, outlook and so on to lotus notes, the notes user will see it as an attachment. They should be able to open the attachment, they should use internet explorer to open it with. If it dosen't automatically open in IE when the launch it they should detach it and use open with option, select use this program in the future to be able to open it direcly from notes from then on.
I agree Welshwizard, Lotus does handle embedded images and html strangely sometimes - although as you said, they still appear (in most cases) as attachments. The built-in file viewer handles JPEG files - never had a problem selecting the 'View' option. I've had occasional problems with the 'Launch' option - there are a number of Notes settings that can cause problems with IE! At the end of the day, as you said, detatch and view elswhere!

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Lotus Notes and JPEG

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