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shivvy | 16:18 Thu 04th Mar 2021 | Technology
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I have recently got an iphone 12 and it uses Face ID to unlock the phone. However I'm not keen on it so far.
My last phone had thumbprint ID and it was really handy - pretty much as soon as i lifted the phone it would open, or else i just reached over and set my thumb on it wherever it was on my desk.
However with the face ID i find myself having to crane my head over it if it is sitting on the desk beside me to try and get it to see my face while my hand are busy typing etc!
But it is most annoying when I am out and about tying to use my phone because the face ID just doesn't work at all while wearing a mask. So every time I want to use it I have to type in the 6 digit password which is a pain as I use a shopping list app and i feel like i am forever typing in the damned passcode!
I fully recognise that this is a first world problem! But if anyone knows if it is possible to use thumb recognition on an iphone 12 I'd love to hear about it. Thanks.


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Alternatively, could you set up a second facial recognition with your face mask on?
Apparently you can :)
My daughter has just found out that her iPhone recognises her daughters face as her own!!!
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Stephen G - thanks for the link however iphone 12 isnt one of the supported models that they mention.
Vagus - I can't see where to do that on my phone. Don't suppose you might have a link to some info on how to do it? Thanks.
I’m sorry shivvy, I don’t.
If you google something like ‘two facial recognition faces’ you’ll come up with a site which may help.
Settings, FaceID & Passcode, set up an alternative appearance
BTW, I find FaceId much handier than thumbprint when out and about (apart from the current mask thing) as it always seemed a little precarious holding the phone at the bottom to put one's thumb on the sensor. I use an angled stand/charger on the desk so it's 'looking' at me most of the time.
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Fitzer I've tried that way of setting it up wearing a mask, but it says Face Obscured!! I think that option is maybe to allow 2 people to have access to the same phone?
I have only started using it since masks needed to be worn so I have yet to find the benefit of it.
I imagined it wouldn’t work with a mask, mine is with and without beard so couldn’t try. Once we’re over the hump I imagine pulling down the mask wouldn’t be a problem.
You can put several pictures on for facial recognition.
EG with mask without mask .with glasses without glasses

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Iphone Face Recognition

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