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mjulian | 00:44 Sun 28th Feb 2021 | Technology
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Does anyone know of a corded phone which has Caller ID display and missed calls feature? I do not want an answerphone because at the moment there is no electric socket nearby to enable this. Many thanks for any gelp.


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This looks like a later version of mine, but I suggest looking up its manual.

When mine rings it also flashes the light - and the light will keep flashing if the phine hasn't been answered to tell you to check and see who you missed a call from.
Same one that I was going to suggest. Has good reviews. User Recommendation
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Many thanks both of you. I had looked at the manual for this on the BT website but it doesn't mention missed calls. But, as you tell me that the light stays on if the phone isn't answered, that is what I am looking for. Thank you very much for your help.
Missed call notification on this one User Recommendation
See page 12 here
It stores a caller list of the last 30 received calls whether answered or not - that's the BT decor 2200
dunno if I can gelp but a cordless phone only needs to be on its cradle a couple of hours a day to keep it charged - then you can use it anywhere in the house.
We have both a corded and cordless phone.

If there is a powercut then the cordless phone doesn't work.
My one also shows NEW against any callsnot answered in the call list.

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