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Colouring A Scanned Online Drawing

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patrickstar | 13:24 Wed 20th Jan 2021 | Technology
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I would like to be able to colourise online a very basic work diagram that was scanned and sent to me. Literally I just want 6 differing shapes to be coloured in, in the same was as shape fill colourisation. Is there any software either online or bought I can look into? Thank you


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are you talking about a flood fill? Any basic colouring in program should do that provided the shapes are closed and the doc is in a usable format
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Hi woofgang, I am. What format does the image need to be in to allow conversion and flood filling? Thank you.
depends what you chosen app thing is to go and search your app store and see what gets good reviews.
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Colouring A Scanned Online Drawing

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