A Pile Of Stuff Fell On To The Keyboard, And Everything Went Crazy.

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AndiFlatland | 23:47 Wed 23rd Dec 2020 | Technology
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The screen was expanded way too large, and was rotated by 90 degrees. I managed to sort out the second problem, as I've had that before. But nothing I do will resize the screen to normal dimensions. What do I do to resize the screen to normal?


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Try ctrl -
If it's just the contents of your browser window that aren't displaying properly, press Ctrl and 0 together.

If your desktop isn't displaying properly, right-click on it, select 'Display settings'. Check that the resolution selected is the 'Recommended' one. (If it isn't, change it to 'Recommended'. If it is already 'Recommended', try changing it to something else and then back again).
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No, that doesn't seem to do anything except reduce the part of the screen I've got on, leaving a large empty area either side.
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Ctrl + 0 doesn't do anything.
Right clicking on the screen brings up a box which has lots of stuff starting with 'Save page as...', but nothing that shows 'Display settings'.
Go to an empty part of your desktop then right click.
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Tried that already, Mamyalynne, doesn't seem to achieve anything.
If you right-click on a space on the start page, when your shortcut icons are, you'll get to it.
I promise that I'm not trying to be facetious here when I ask "Have you tried turning it off and turning it on again?" (It's amazing how often that can fix things!)
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Thanks Buenchico, that's usually the first thing I try when things like this happen! But this time it made no difference. So I trawled the cursor in the 'wrong direction' around the wonky screen until I was able to get to theanswerbank tab, and found the question I'd asked a couple of years ago, about the screen being rotated by 90 degrees, and sorted that one out. But it still left the screen in mega large format, so I still had a problem.
But Mamyalynne sorted that one out - went to the start button, right-clicked and got a box coming up which gave me a settings option, clicked on that, did another restart, and it all got back to normal. Thank heaven... just the sort of problem you really don't need just before Christmas!

Thanks everybody - we got there eventually. Merry Christmas to all!
Well done.

Happy Christmas.

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A Pile Of Stuff Fell On To The Keyboard, And Everything Went Crazy.

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