Does Anyone Know If This Is True? Could Someone Who Has A Chrome Book Test It?

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woofgang | 10:21 Sat 19th Dec 2020 | Technology
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This was posted of facebook, supposedly from an american parent
"I feel the need to share what we have been dealing with the last few months. If you have a daughter please bare with me and read to the end. I want to start by saying I do not blame the school or their IT department I truly believe they are doing the best they can. So, at the beginning of the school year all students were handed Chromebooks in case they had to go to distance learning. We were told all Social Media and Google was blocked and that the IT department would be monitoring things. So, I would let the kids keep their Chromebooks with them, I would not collect them. I started catching 2 of the kids on them while in their rooms late at night, one was playing games another was chatting with “friends” thinking everything was blocked, I thought the school had something the students could chat with each other set up or something. Denial. Some weeks went on and I was told by one kid that another kid was sending pictures to strangers. We looked the best we could and could tell some inappropriate things were definitely happening. I started collecting Chromebooks as soon as I would get home from work, this gave them an hour with their Chromebooks. Billy met with the principal about the content that we had found, by the way she was using Face Flow, which I had never heard of. The IT department checked her history and could not find anything inappropriate. We had seen the pictures, we had seen like screenshots of the chats, how could they NOT find ANYTHING?!? So, fast forward to last night. She was supposed to be doing her semester tests and we busted her chatting with a “friend” on Discord and had been chatting with several “friends” for months, so again, how did the IT department not see this? What we learned from our ELEMENTARY kid last night, there is a back door to the web on these Chromebooks and when used, your searches and downloaded apps (even blocked ones) can’t be traced!!! Students can do anything they want and the school will never know. The chats we found were to strangers and were VERY inappropriate. But, this child truly thinks these guys are her friends, which I don’t understand after seeing the way they talk to her and what they ask of her. SO, I say all of this to let you know, the school may think they have everything blocked and safe for kids, but these kids are SMART and know ways around it!
We now collect all Chromebooks as soon as the kids get home and keep them locked in a safe, when they have school work to do, we are sitting right next to them. I was SHOCKED at what I saw and it’s VERY scary to think what could happen. PLEASE check your child’s devices, on these particular Chromebooks all they have to do is push shift and the magnifying button at the same time to be able to access whatever they want, blocked or not! I strongly encourage parents to have a rule of no devices in bedrooms!"


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I stopped reading after "please bare with me" - I always find that so funny
It is probably unlikely to find a way of hacking a school enterprise enrolled Chromebook and it certainly would not be possible using a couple of keystrokes. If you do find a way Google would probably pay you a substantial amount for that information
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yes Bertrum, I did wonder....and Etch its a copy paste but a serious question....if you don't have the requisite knowledge to answer then scroll on by.

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Does Anyone Know If This Is True? Could Someone Who Has A Chrome Book Test It?

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