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barry1010 | 16:53 Fri 23rd Oct 2020 | Technology
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Can anybody who understands RAM tell me if 8GB Micron DDR3 1600 MHz PC3-12800 is better, worse or the same performance as Crucial 8GB DDR3L-1600 SODIMM.

Thank you


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To do with voltage use & older vs newer processor types -

So - eg - they won't *necessarily* be compatible; you need to determine the processor involved.
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Crucial assures me that their RAM is compatible but would it be worth the money? I'd need two at around £65 the pair
Ok, if you've run the Crucial scan & they're giving that assurance, then the DDR3L RAM should run at a lower voltage, saving 15% of power (according to the link above). Are you adding or replacing? Do you have any particular problems with your current set-up?
Actually, re-reading tells me that mixing DDR3 with DDR3L will result in both sets running at the higher DDR3 voltage, so the power saving wouldn't happen in a mixed set of modules.
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I wouldn't mix the modules, I have 16GB RAM (2 x 8) and would replace both. My computer is a good few years old now and has no real problems but I wondered if the new RAM would make a significant difference to the performance.
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If it helps, the processor is 4th generation i7 3.10Ghz
Ah - as RAM can actually deteriorate over long periods & if you're replacing *& Crucial say it's compatible* (can't stress that enough), then you'll "see" less power used, greater battery life (I assume it's a laptop?) & it's entirely possible that some general improvement will be noticeable.

It also means that should you wish to upgrade the processor in the future, the DDR3L RAM will almost certainly be compatible with it.
Crossed posts, sorry - ^ 4th Gen is fine, DDR3L support began with 3rd Gen processors.
Barry. I found that the biggest gain when I revamped my desktop was putting in the 1TB hybrid hard drive. Changed the RAM cards, as ya do, mainly to ensure that they were not age related deteriorated, but whatever you do the Motherboard and processor, plus the power supply capacity is a permanent limiting factor. I also goy myself a touchscreen monitor and a backlit keyboard. Well worth it. I would change your hard drive. Get a cloning app sorted and you will lose nothing including settings .
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Togo, I put a hybrid and an SSD drive in some time ago :) You are right, it made a huge difference
Welll the RAM cards( I changed mine using the compatible feature on the site to be sure) and although there was no discernible visual improvement, I was happy when the touch screen monitor worked like a top job. Efficient RAM function can help the graphics ability.

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