Canon Pixma Mg2950 Alarm Light.

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ericsavory | 20:04 Thu 22nd Oct 2020 | Technology
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Help needed please. The alarm light is flashing 8 times,pausing,then continuing in this pattern.The printer will not work, I get a message to check the printer,but I don't know what to do. Thanks in advance for any advice.


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"Eight flashes

The ink absorber is almost full.

Press the printer's RESUME/CANCEL button to continue printing."
Looks like you have either got to clean up or replace the pads. Messy, messy job. Gloves needed and care and patience. The pads are somewhere behind the cartridge holders and can be drained with absorbent tissue(good quality type recommended) and you will need to disable the printer whilst you do it. Go into change the cartridges routine and when the carriage centres ... unplug it! Take out the cartridges and the ink absorbent pads will be in a rubber trough or container possible on the right as you look at the machine. You can allow the tissue to soak up excess ink and get some working life back or after removing excess ink replace the pads. Canon will supply them if you go to their website. If you replace them or drain the excess with tissue(WEAR GLOVES) remember hold down the power button, then plug the printer back in, whilst holding it down. Continue holding the power button down until the printer begins to reset itself and come online.
I only have experience of this on Epson printers.

I'm not sure if your printer has pads or a separate tank.

The printer will stop working - its a counter rather than physical fullness.

Based on what I did with the Epsons, if you are prepared to open the printer you can access the pads (if it is pads). You can rinse out the pads - will take a lot of rinsing - I recommend a pair of marigolds and an apron!

Once dry, reassemble the printer and find the waste counter reset instructions then you can carry on using the printer.
Try this:

In view of the low price of a new printer the easy way is to dump it and buy a new one.

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Canon Pixma Mg2950 Alarm Light.

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