Doro 6520 Phone - Problem With Setting Up For G Mails!

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moggie 939 | 11:20 Sat 10th Oct 2020 | Technology
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Have had this phone for some time and works perfectly with calls and texts - so decided to add G Mails as I have a plan with Vodafone which which was PAYGO but now gives me free calls, texts and 2gb data every 30 days.
I followed correctly ( I think) the instns for adding GMails (after first loading internet as told) but although I have entered everything correctly at all stages from Email Settings and got a green tick each time - at the end of this long procedure I get a a message FAILED and then another message 'Activate bearer failed'
I edited the procedure a few times changing GMail from IMAP to POP and also at the beginning where it says vodafone paygo or vodafone contract trying both.
I know this is not a smart phone but all I wanted was to be notified of my GMails so I can then pick them up on my laptop if urgent.
As I am elderly I do not want a smart phone.
Any ideas from owners of this phone please?


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I did not get any answers for this but just in case anyone reads it I have given up on this!
Wa told by Doro that this model is only 3G so I needed 4g/LTE. So I went to Vodfone and bought a model Doro 730 which and it still did not work! I got Google Browser no problem but when I tried to access GMail which is Google and has the same password on my PC it would not accept and kept saying password incorrect.
So I am staying with my old Doro - which means that I cannot get a warning when a GMail comes in as it is only a 3G phone
Thansk everyone
You might get an answer later from some of the techies

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Doro 6520 Phone - Problem With Setting Up For G Mails!

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