Bizarre Thing On Whatsapp? Spying?

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eve1974 | 09:32 Tue 25th Aug 2020 | Technology
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Huh how weird. I picked up
My phone to msg n for some reason(?) the screen was on a msg of nearly 2 week ago ... (it usually shows the most recent first obv).

even weirder is that the words “terrified” n “terror” were highlighted? In yellow.

(It was a text about nightmares btw!).

Then when I checked back a min or so later the text was back to normal,’p highlights etc,

I wonder if There’s Random checks for words like “terror” by whatapp ?

Anyone had this before? I’m not concerned (figure I have nothing to hide anyway) but I did find it unsettling


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No idea. But it's been bought by Facebook, so, draw your own conclusions about their attitude to privacy.

Most likely something blipped on your phone.
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Yeah OG ur spoton bout FB. If it was a “blip” tho it’s strange only those 2 words highlighted and from a text 2 weeks back ..., (altho I guess 2 weeks back is a long time if they were hunting for terror related words). I’m a bit mystified tbh. Well if (??) “they” read it they wldv thought I’m a nutter as the dream ref to “floating heads, lines that threaten to eat people and a very tall

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Bizarre Thing On Whatsapp? Spying?

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