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Newbie Question - Re Memory Sticks And An Ipad Air 2

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Mammar | 16:33 Tue 10th Mar 2020 | Technology
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I am not technology minded but determine to learn so be prepared for silly questions. I'm getting used to my iPad Air 2 but know nothing about things like 'back-ups' memory sticks and downloads etc.
I have several files in my mailbox that I worry about losing and I’m being told you can put stuff on 'memory sticks' but don't know if I can do it from the iPad or if I have to go back to the mailbox via the laptop to do it. (Haven't used the laptop since I got the iPad - laptop weighs a ton!). Any advice would be welcome.


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Someone will be along soon to advise on sticks etc, but Apple iCloud is built in to Apple devices.

It maybe all you need (Cloud Storage)
Question Author
Thanks - not even sure how to use the Cloud either!
I know little about iPads but if you can connect a flash drive and the system recognises it then you can copy over whatever files you want. Use the iPad file browser to select, copy, then paste onto the flash drive.
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Ok Jno that was really helpful and answers a good half of my problem, the safety issue. The other half is because the data I wanted to put on the memory stick is genealogy info which I wanted to be able to pass to family members.
So back to Old Geezer, I now need to research what a 'flash drive' is (obviously not a Lamborghini as I thought) to see if that solves the portability issue.
We're making progress!
flash drive, usb memory stick, external hard drive, basically the same thing, except external hard drive is bigger ie hold more data, if i was you id get an 128gb usb memory stick, plenty of room, and extremely portable
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Ok, fender, so now I have established my iPad has iOS 13 I can get a lightning adapter which will enable me to use that memory stick you suggest. Apparently I just need a connector kit? Not only that but my daughter made me buy an external hard drive long ago as a means of back up when I used the old laptop. Forgot about it once I graduated to the IPad. Yet another means of safe backup then if it connects to the connector kit? Also I should be able to access what's in there? Not sure if I'm understanding this properly, it's all boggling my mind at the moment, but seem to be getting there with everybody’s help.
Uses flash memory.
Do apple not use the USB standard ? If not then some kind of adaptor would be needed.
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And before anyone asks why my daughter isn't helping me . . . she lives a hundred miles away, has a career, partner, dog to walk, planning a wedding etc etc and you lot are much more patient.

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Newbie Question - Re Memory Sticks And An Ipad Air 2

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