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Smart Bulb Wont Connect..

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lostboy87 | 01:53 Sat 04th Jan 2020 | Technology
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Hi all,
Purchased a wifi smart bulb today but cannot get it to connect using the Smart life app or Alexa skill.
My router is the older white sky broadband one so is only it's not the common 5ghz problem.
The bulb is in my bedroom...should I try it downstairs nearer my router first or should that not be problem?
I follow every correctly on the app but it just wont find the bulb??
The bulb does show up in my wifi network however but when I click on that I obviously loose my regular wifi from the phone...if that makes sense.
I'm totally lost and not that great at these things.
Please help.
Thank you!


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Anyone know about this one.. I would like to hear the answer to this.
My nephew has his house equipped with (so-called) smart bulbs. The last time I stayed with him I was warned not to operate the light from the switch. Instead I was given a "script" I should used to turn off the light. The two of us having downed a bottle of his best port, when I retired my memory was not as sharp as it may have been earlier in the evening. Try as I may, I could not get the order of words correct, Mrs NJ was not privy to them anyway and she was getting increasingly annoyed at my incoherent ramblings at a light bulb at 1am. I was forced to give up and had to use the switch. My nephew had to spend twenty minutes in the morning reprogramming his "smart" light bulb.

My advice? Give them a wide berth. Life's too short!

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Smart Bulb Wont Connect..

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