Changing Wi Fi Channel

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alywally | 20:14 Wed 05th Jun 2019 | Technology
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Hello AB'ers,
I have not used this site for ages but looking for some proper advice.
I recently "upgraded" to "fast" fibre broadband but it is still intermittent, or slow even, even though TalkTalk have done all the checks. I know of course that there are many issues that can affect wi fi.
With having 2 SkyQ boxes I don't want to mess around with the 2.4 and 5.0 Mhz settings.
Can someone tell me: If I go into settings and change wi-fi channel, do all devices and Sky Q have to be reset with password and does changing cause any other issues?

I know similar has been asked here a few years ago, but I would appreciate some response


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Before you do this when was the last time you update your computer modem drivers - in addition some of the lesser makes of modem cards dont work as well as they should and can be replaced quite cheaply and easily.
When I've changed channels on my modem/router I've not been hassled by password resets. (I'm not on Sky though.)
Your passwords will still work if you change channels.
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Hello Folks,
Many thanks for your answers and apology for not replying sooner and for slight errors in questions.
1)The router is TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub and was easily installed and set up a month ago when I upgraded to fibre, so shouldn't need any card change I would imagine. It states that it finds the most suitable channel automatically, but not so sure.
2)Also,what I should have typed was:- If I change channel will all devices in the home need to be reset using the current passwords.
The passwords aren't bring changed, nor is the network name. They should connect the same way to the same devices without your input.
if you're advised to discuss your problem online with a TalkTalk expert, be prepared for him/her asking you if you're router is plugged in

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Haha Talk Talk expert, are there any? They could not try any more and I was left with a link to try various things.
I have changed channel and it is better, especially on the more modern devices in the home I'll tinker again. Perhaps the missus will buy me a new laptop for my birthday....and then I woke up!!
Thanks for the input ABers.

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Changing Wi Fi Channel

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