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Fibre Supply To Home

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telboy1938 | 14:17 Thu 18th Apr 2019 | Technology
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Does Openreach run a cable from nearest box to your home in place of existing copper cable prior to connecting fibre feed


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I don't think they run a cable from the exchange to your house just for you....the outside infrastructure has to be there first. They certainly didn't do anything just for me outside the house when I had fibre broadband installed
Fibre normally runs to a cabinet in the street, a copper cable then comes from there.

'Fibre to the Home' means we'll install fibre cables all the way to your home.
There are two types of fibre broadband - fibre to the premises and much more commonly, fibre to the cabinet.

See if you can get the much faster fibre to the premises here:
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Fibre Supply To Home

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