Making A Template For Microsoft Word

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sddsddean | 19:53 Sun 24th Feb 2019 | Technology
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I have got headed notepaper for my business. Is there a way to scan a copy of one sheet into the computer, set it up as a template in Word, so that I can then type an invoice on to that template and print the whole lot out. It seems ridiculous that you have to use one of their templates, so I'm sure there is a way to do it, but I'm too thick to work it out! I've tried methods shown on youtube with no success.


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A really cumbersome way of doing it is to use Irfanview's "insert text" option. I've used it to fill in job application forms f'rinstance, but there'll be a better way that doesn't come to mind straight away.
What does your headed notepaper look like? How did you create it?
can you scan the notepaperi, then crop the headed bit and save it as a picture, then insert the picture in a blank word page?
Yes just scan your letter head and paste into a word document. A while since I've done it, you may have to adjust size of scan to just the size of your letterhead to allow you to type below it. A bit of trial and error, also with adjusting margins.
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Hmm, this might complicate it a bit. Its headed, but has a border all the way round, so I'd need to scan the whole A4 sheet, then be able to type in the middle of it. Sort of like this, but I've got a white border all the way round.
Another way is to type your letter into a word document, leaving a space where the header would be, then feed your letterheads into the printer instead of blank sheets.
you can do it on something like Serif Page Plus
I have done this for lots of items that I print myself.
scan your letter and save it as a jpeg ,then paste that onto an A 4 blank page in Serif, then you can put any text or anything else you like onto the blank parts of the page and print the lot
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Chinajan - that’s what I do now, but I’m running out of headed paper and I was just trying to save buying any more.

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Making A Template For Microsoft Word

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