Bitdefender Free Trial?

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countrykid | 23:00 Fri 18th Jan 2019 | Technology
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I've been trialling bitdefender Total Security and prefer it to my previous security Bullguard. I have 8 days left and have bought the 2019 disc via amazon to have this protection for a year across 5 devices. It was much cheaper than direct from Bitdefender.

I thought it would just be a case of uninstalling Bitdefender, which I did, and then loading the Disc on my laptop and starting afresh. All that actually happened was that it installed Bitdefender but without asking for the license key that came with the disc, and thus reverted to the free trial end date.

Obviously I'm doing something wrong. Bitdefender promotes itself as having 24/7 support via email, phone etc but I cannot find a phone number. Can anyone assist please,


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Select the relevant uninstall tool from here, download it and run it. Then RESTART your computer. (You should ALWAYS restart between uninstalling and reinstalling any software. It forces Windows to flush the registry):
PS: BitDefender Customer Service is on 020 8099 1687.
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That's brilliant, thank you. I'll do this tomorrow and let you know how I get on.

To help me in the future, where do I look for how to properly uninstall something, eg the link you've provided for me, rather than just going to control panel and selecting the programme/uninstall that I did?
Simply google
'[name of program] uninstall'
'[name of program] uninstall tool'.

That's usually all that's required. (However, in general, it's only security software that can't be completely removed by using the normal Windows uninstall process. Anti-virus programs are deliberately made a bit trickier to remove in order to prevent malware seeking to uninstall them).
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Thanks very much Buenchico for the additional info. Just to say I have now used the link and removed bitdefender successfully. Cheers

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Bitdefender Free Trial?

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