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Cannot Access The Amazon Website

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rebelboy | 23:14 Mon 07th Jan 2019 | Technology
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I noticed last week a problem trying to access the website of my local newspaper. It just wouldn't let me on. Have tried deleting and accessing through Google but with no joy. And now the same has happened with Amazon. I'm using Edge. Can anyone help?


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I can get on no problem using Chrome.
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It must be an Edge problem as I can access both my local paper and Amazon from Firefox.
Try this:

Close Edge.

Type 'internet options' in the search box at the foot of your screen.

Click 'Internet Options' in the results field above it.

Click the 'Security' tab.

Click on the 'Trusted Sites' zone.

Click the 'Sites' button.

Look for the names of the relevant sites. If they're shown there, highlight the first one and then click 'Remove'. Repeat for the other entries.

Click 'Apply'.

Close the dialogue box.

Open Edge and see if you can access the sites.
Question Author
Thanks Buenchico. Will keep that for reference. When I came off Firefox and went back to Edge everything was back to normal. Weird!

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Cannot Access The Amazon Website

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