Is Anyone Else Having A Problem With Googlemail?

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chanel5 | 15:31 Thu 11th Oct 2018 | Technology
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Is anyone having a problem with Googlemail? When I try to access my email I get a white screen. It's been like this for two days now. Can anyone suggest what I might do to fix it? Thank you,


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On what device? - PC, Smartphone, Tablet?

It is now called GMail (they got rid of "Googlemail" a while ago).

Try going in to Chrome browser and select the Gmail option in the top right and try and logon.

Gmail would not have been down two days so it is almost certainly something your end.
I am not having any issues.
Assuming that you're trying to access your Gmail account via a web browser (rather than, say, a dedicated app on a phone), you almost certainly need to reset that browser. So which browser are you using, please?
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~Thanks for your answers. i have been using my PC, accessing the account as Gmail. Still can't get into the account. Never had any problems before.
You've still not told us which web browser you're using.

Chrome? Firefox? Edge? Internet Explorer? Opera? Avant? Vivaldi? Something else?
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Sorry, I am using the Chrome browser.
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Thanks, I will try that.
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Thank you so much, Buenchico. I followed your instructions and after restarting my PC, Gmail is now working perfectly. It must have gone wonky after the Windows update that took place last night. Thank you for your help. Very much appreciated.
Thanks for the feedback.

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Is Anyone Else Having A Problem With Googlemail?

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