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Anti Virus Software. Advice Please.

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grandpajoe | 16:11 Fri 07th Sep 2018 | Technology
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Hi can you recommend an anti virus programme that is effective and VFM. My internet connection failed this morning and after lots of cursing I spoke to a friend who suggested I uninstall the 3 AVAST programmes I had. I did and the connection was restored so I am looking for advice re a different one. Thanks in anticipation Chris


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What computer and software are you running?

If it is Windows 10 it has built in anti virus software which is fine for most people.

Even Windows 7 has decent anti virus software built in.

Note protecting your PC is more than just anti virus so don't think all the free anti virus software has all the features as paid for software.
as said windows 10 defender and it firewall is good enough for browsing the web etc prob not for gaming, it was upgraded for windows 10
if you uninstall avast use this avast uninstaller from this link otherwise your left with avast "bits and pieces" on your computer
Kaspersky free is well regarded
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Thank you all very much Chris
I do not download any third-party antivirus software. I use Windows Defender and my computer runs well in Windows 10. And there is no virus.

So I think you can uninstall the third-party antivirus software and enable the Windows Defender, then set some settings such as automatic scan functions, etc.

I think this article can help you learn more about Windows Defender:
dont use a free download one , i use norton internet security which u can install on 5 devices, if u club together with 3 other people who use pcs the cost id very minium i think around 7 pound a year

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Anti Virus Software. Advice Please.

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