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kat1 | 19:04 Thu 12th Jul 2018 | Technology
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Hi, My friend had this update on her laptop & since then all she has is a blank screen? She took it to computer shop who told her it is common & that it would be £70 to fix! She is an pensioner & unable to afford this so any help would be appreciated. Many Thanks.


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Restart the laptop in safe mode then revert to an earlier working profile.
Depends on what caused it. Is the screen failure and the update related ? Or coincidental ? If related can she not uninstall the update ? Maybe she just needs the latest screen driver installed.
Just noticed the title says Windows 10 update, presumably from an earlier version of Windows :-(. Unsure how easy that is to roll back.
What make and model of computer?

She could try taking the battery out for a short while and remove the power cable. Then put them back in and turn it on again.

Let us know if it then powers up and what happens.
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Hi again, She tried taking battery out etc but no joy.
It is a H P notebook 2015.
Don't know if there is anything here to help

Can you let us know the following

Does the computer start when just using the battery

Does it start when plugged in to the mains

If it does start does she see anything on screen before Windows starts

Is it a black or blue or other blank screen?

Does she get the windows login screen

If after logging in is that when the blank screen shows

This sort of problem occurred with an update to Win 10 v1709 in April 2018.
Symptoms ranged from none, to benign -- updates would hang, to critical -- disabled keyboard, mouse, or screen.
Seemed to depend on the type of CPU. Had the benign problem with 3 out of 5 computers.
Solution -- rebuild the OS. Annoying & takes time, but your PC will hum after that. Gets rid of a lot of junk-ware. Something I would recommend for every new PC.
Perhaps she has a friend with some tech savvy. As you can see from Tuvok's link, it's not for amateurs.

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Windows 10 Update

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